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Mendel Edwardson : The New Pentateuch: Creating

Author: Mendel Edwardson
Title: The New Pentateuch: Creating
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Published in: English
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 540
Date: 2009-08-04
ISBN: 1448671019
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Weight: 1.56 pounds
Size: 8.37 x 1.07 x 5.41 inches
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Description: Product Description
THE NEW PENTATEUCH is the early, first five books of an evolving, "oral" Third Testament- creating America's most fundamental next step since its founding. It is the USA's current, but still elusive solution- not in many radar screens. This morphed and expanded America, called OUR NATION IS GOD, is an astoundingly new spiritual foundation with its political formula. All Bible stays but it is life beyond the Judeo-Christian era which is shown to have ended in 1963! Biblically, there has been a 40 year delay until the new realities became evident. That is, the New Millennnieum is already a New Way- globally, nationally and individually. Book I, They Have No Clue, is the explanation of this shift. Book II, Our Nation Is God, is the reformulation itself which alters all. Book III, Clearing the Ground for the New Renaissance, is the realpolitik outcomes of Books I & II, well towards completion no later than 2027, but beginning NOW and already including: - USA stagnation and Russian ascendancy - Defeat of extremist Islam yielding American economic recovery - Retrieval of the lost American blessing - A new kind of Second American Revolutionary War and much more The Present White Age of Ignorance is Book IV. Part A, "Men and Woman Meeting in the Air", explains that the romantic acts of men and women should reflect the relationship between God, as our "husband" and our planet earth human group as His "spouse". Book IV, Part B is more of the HOW- the Content/Membership of Our Nation Is God. Book V, Red Threat to Our Nation Is God, prepares for a future age of atheist ascendancy. While blessing and concrete progress will be restored to America and her Allies, the next deadly challenge is lingering in the form of Chinese political and economic conflict.
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