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Alexandra Ivy : Darkness Revealed

Author: Alexandra Ivy
Title: Darkness Revealed
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Published in: English
Binding: Mass Market Paperback
Pages: 384
Date: 2009-03-01
ISBN: 1420102966
Publisher: Zebra
Weight: 0.3 pounds
Size: 106 x x 171 centimeters
Edition: Original
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Description: Product Description
Two hundred years have passed since Anna Randal gave herself to Conde Cezar in a night of relentless passion. Since then, Anna has become filled with unearthly power she can't begin to comprehend. And the sexy, charming vampire responsible has eluded all of her efforts to track him down, until now...Cezar's blissful encounter with Anna cost him two centuries of penance. But one thing hasn't changed - his body's response to her is as urgent as ever. Now, commanded by the Oracles to keep watch over Anna, Cezar finds himself torn between his need to protect her - and to possess her...Someone wants Anna dead. And as an ancient enemy prepares to wage a terrifying battle, Anna must decide whether to succumb to a dark, burning desire - and accept a destiny that could change the world forever...
Reviews: Cindy (USA: NV) (2009/04/17):
Another great entry in the Guardians of Eternity series. It has the requisite hot vampire [Mr. Tall, Dark and Dead] and beautiful heroine with a Destiny [she's a compassionate lawyer, ummm, believing in vampires might be easier...] The villain is Morgana le Fay, King Arthur has a couple of cameos, Levet makes occasional snarky appearances while various other characters from previous novels appear in supporting roles. Good read.

Guardians of Eternity
1. When Darkness Comes (2007)
2. Embrace The Darkness (2007)
3. Darkness Everlasting (2008)
4. Darkness Revealed (2009)

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