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Gerry Gaffney : The Usability Kit

Author: Gerry Gaffney
Title: The Usability Kit
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Published in: English
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 397
Date: 2008-06-07
ISBN: 0975841912
Publisher: SitePoint
Size: 0.0 x 0.0 x 0.0 inches
Edition: 1
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Description: Product Description

The Usability Kit contains a binder with nearly 400 pages of information on exactly how to make your sites usable.

The first section covers how to design, structure and test usable web sites, and the second, the bulk of the kit, provides practical 'get on with it' guidance with best practice sections, blueprints and pitfall flags.

Like all SitePoint material, they're easy to read, practical and have real-world examples to give you the information you need quickly, in a ready to use format.

Freelance Web Developers & Web Development Firms:

Usability isn't a nice-to-have in web design -- it is a marketable essential.

If customers find it hard to do what they need to on the net then research shows that they just don't use it. According to Arthur Andersen, "More than 83% of Internet users are likely to leave a web site if they feel they have to make too many clicks to find what they're looking for."

But if you can demonstrate that your design has made it easier for customers to purchase products, pay bills, navigate information or submit feedback, then your efforts have much more demonstrable value. And it is something that can be tested.

Show how you can improve the return from your client's web site with the tools and templates of The Usability Kit.

Web Site Owners & Managers:

If your business is looking to increase web site sales, conversion rates and site traffic, have you evaluated how easy it is for customers to navigate your site? Would your customers say that your web site is easy to do business with?

The returns from investing in your web site are clear -- constructive customer experiences, positive brand representation, improved sales. According to Nielsen, sites that spent 10% of their budget on usability reaped a 100% increase in sales/conversion rates.

If you want to make e-commence happen then usability is the key. Make it easy for your customers to navigate, orientate & purchase with The Usability Kit.

The kit is divided into two parts:

I. Manual

    1. Understanding Usability
    2. Analysis
    3. Designing with Users
    4. Information Architecture
    5. Evaluation and Testing
    6. How to Use the Blueprints

II. Usability Blueprints

    1. About Us
    2. Blogs
    3. Contact Us
    4. Customer Support
    5. Errors
    6. Forms
    7. Forums
    8. Help and FAQs
    9. Homepage
    10. Horizontal and Vertical Navigation
    11. Log In
    12. My Account
    13. News and Media
    14. Newsletters
    15. Privacy and Security Notices
    16. Product Pages
    17. Progress Indicators
    18. Registration
    19. Search
    20. Shopping Carts and Checkout
    21. Sitemaps
    22. Subscription
    23. Tabs
    24. Video and Audio Conten


When you order, you'll receive a binder with 371 letter-size pages of detailed how to information, tips and strategies that you can put to use immediately.

You'll also get a CD-ROM packed with all the related blueprints and schematics from the kit so that you can use them straight away for your web projects. Included are:

  • Registration, My Account & Privacy blueprints
  • Sample log-in forms
  • Horizontal & Vertical navigation schematics
  • Contact Us and Feedback blueprints
  • News & media page schematics
  • Help and FAQ blueprints
  • Blog schematics & forum blueprints
  • ... and more!
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