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Asher Brauner : Love Songs of the Tone-Deaf

Author: Asher Brauner
Title: Love Songs of the Tone-Deaf
Copies worldwide:
Published in: English
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 272
Date: 1999-06-01
ISBN: 0967086108
Publisher: Brown Bear Books
Latest: 2011/04/12
Weight: 0.75 pounds
Size: 5.14 x 8.01 x 0.68 inches
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Previous givers: 3 kwp (USA: CA), maggie (USA: NY), Jodi (USA: MN)
Previous moochers: 3 John Alwyine-Mosely (United Kingdom), Lauren (USA: CA), Sarah (USA: MN)
Description: Product Description
A funny, hip, and compelling contemporary novel. Ronnie is an aimless college graduate navigating California's crossed cultural currents with the wide wooden paddle of sarcasm but no boat. His companion, Karen, is a member in good standing of the tribe that provides Ronnie with his best comic material: the 90's hippies. At the helm of Great White, the world's least reliable car, the drive fearlessly into the foggy future, headlights busted. Along the way they run into roadblocks as large as elephant seals: the pain of loved ones who do not love themselves, the pulse-pounding suspense of police brutality, and the disturbing legacy of a forgotten genocide. Set in Santa Cruz, CA, Love Songs of the Tone-Deaf is as regionally accurate as a street map, but much more fun to read speeding 80 mph. down Highway 1.
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