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Brian Keene : The Rising

Author: Brian Keene
Title: The Rising
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Published in: English
Binding: Mass Market Paperback
Pages: 321
Date: 2004-01-01
ISBN: 0843952016
Publisher: Leisure Books
Weight: 0.45 pounds
Size: 4.24 x 6.78 x 0.95 inches
Edition: 0
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Description: Product Description

The classic that helped start a pop culture phenomenon - back in print and UNCUT!

Since it's 2003 debut, Brian Keene's THE RISING is one of the best-selling zombie novels of all-time. It has been translated into over a dozen languages, inspired the works of other authors and filmmakers, and has become a cultural touchstone for an entire generation of horror fans.

THE RISING is the story of Jim Thurmond, a determined father battling his way across a post-apocalyptic zombie landscape, to find his young son. Accompanied by Martin, a preacher still holding to his faith, and Frankie, a recovering heroin addict with an indomitable will to survive, Jim travels from state to state and town to town, facing an endless onslaught of undead hordes, and the evils perpetrated by his fellow man.

This brand-new, author's preferred edition, restores nearly 30,000 words of material that was cut from the original edition. These new chapters, which have never been seen by anyone before now, expand the original story, adding new depths to characters and more horrific situations.

You may think you've read THE RISING, but you haven't read it all until you read this edition!

Deadite Press is proud to present this uncut, author's preferred edition, which also includes a lengthy essay by the author about the novel's genesis and history.

Reviews: Ravenskya (USA: OH) (2008/04/22):
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Very good Zombie Book, March 27, 2008

This was the First Brian Keene book that I picked up, and to be honest... I wasn't expecting much. I enjoy a good Zombie film as much as the next person, but had never read a zombie book before. I was pleasantly surprised while reading this book. The characters were (for the most part) very real, engaging, and the type of people the reader cares about.

The zombies were not your stereotypical zombies; they were far more mobile, and capable of using tools, weapons, and setting traps to catch the foolhardy mortals who they hunted. This made them all the more terrifying. There are several survivors whose stories we follow throughout the book, the primary ones being Jim a carpenter who is on the mission of finding his young son, Frankie a junkie/prostitute who is just trying to survive, and Baker one of the Scientists who started this whole mess who is seeking redemption. This book reads like a blended up version of "28 days later," "Apocalypse Now," and every Romero movie ever made. In fact many of these are mentioned in the book.

Many people have complained about the ending, but I found it to be pretty typical of the zombie genera, true I would have loved one more page... but I wasn't dissatisfied in any way. It was pretty clear what happened, and true, it left the novel open for a sequel, but I don't think you really need one. In the end, this was a very well written, post-apocalyptic story about the survivors doing the one thing they have been good at so far - trying to survive.

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