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Jerry B. Jenkins : Facing the Future (Left Behind: The Kids #4)

Author: Jerry B. Jenkins
Title: Facing the Future (Left Behind: The Kids #4)
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Published in: English
Binding: Mass Market Paperback
Pages: 160
Date: 1998-07-01
ISBN: 0842321969
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
Latest: 2015/04/04
Weight: 0.25 pounds
Size: 4.3 x 7.16 x 0.43 inches
Edition: Edition Unstated
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Description: Product Description
This series is based on the best-selling adult Left Behind series. Readers will see the Rapture and Tribulation through the eyes of four kids who have been left behind. Review
Our four teen heroes--Judd, Vicki, Lionel, and Ryan--are still spooked after the amazing events of The Vanishings (the first book in the Left Behind: The Kids series), when Christ called back millions of his faithful in the blink of an eye, leaving these kids who hadn't accepted Jesus as "instant orphans." Facing the Future continues the cliff-hanging ending of the third book, Through the Flames, where the kids successfully pull off a sting on the man who murdered Lionel's uncle and convert countless others to life with Christ. But they soon realize they have even more to worry about: Bruce thinks he's fingered the great deceiver, the Antichrist, a man named Nicolae Carpathia. The Left Behind kids break out their Bibles to form the Kids Tribulation Force, while Bruce outlines why Carpathia has taken over the instrument of all future evil, the United Nations, and a secret meeting with an eyewitness to evil confirms the kids' worst fears.

The Evangelical Christian science fiction series Left Behind: The Kids is a youth-oriented story line based on Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye's bestselling Left Behind. (Ages 9 to 12) --Paul Hughes

Reviews: Gwenda (USA: CA) (2008/11/02):
This is a great series that my 9 year old son and I are reading together. I had read the adult series and this is interesting to me also. As it follows along the same story line as the adult books.

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