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David Boyle : Impressionist Art: A Crash Course (Crash Course (Watson-Guptill))

Author: David Boyle
Title: Impressionist Art: A Crash Course (Crash Course (Watson-Guptill))
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Published in: English
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 144
Date: 2001-09-01
ISBN: 0823009882
Publisher: Watson-Guptill Publications Div., BPI Comm's, Inc.
Weight: 0.72 pounds
Size: 5.26 x 7.38 x 0.66 inches
Edition: 1st
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Description: Product Description
For a so-called art movement, impressionist painters were a very dissimilar group. Monet and Renoir liked people-watching and hanging out with the jet set at La Brenouillière. Degas got his kicks from ballet dancers, working models, and racehorses. One thing these artists all had in common, however, was a love of color: bright, big, bold dabs of it.

Impressionist Art: A Crash Course provides lots of color as well as hundreds of amusing anecdotes and little-known facts about this popular period. Readers will not only be able to tell the Manets from the Monets, but will quickly become experts on the many mini-movements within this popular style. This fun-loving guide is appealing, compact, lavishly illustrated, and conveniently organized chronologically spread by spread. For anyone who can’t tell the water lilies from the haystacks, Impressionist Art: A Crash Course is an enjoyable trip for all.

• Reader-friendly and informative text brings new dimension to familiar history

• Each 2-page spread is devoted to a particular impressionist movement, topic, or individual artist

• Compact and easy to follow timeline puts vital events of the period into context
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