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Elizabeth R. Skoglund : A Quiet Courage: Per Anger, Wallenberg's Co-Liberator of Hungarian Jews

Author: Elizabeth R. Skoglund
Title: A Quiet Courage: Per Anger, Wallenberg's Co-Liberator of Hungarian Jews
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Published in: English
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 187
Date: 1997-04
ISBN: 0801011256
Publisher: Baker Pub Group
Latest: 2009/06/13
Weight: 0.75 pounds
Size: 0.79 x 5.98 x 9.02 inches
Edition: 1St Edition
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1944. The Russians are advancing on Budapest. The Nazis, in a last desperate attempt to destroy Hungarian Jewry, have sent Adolf Eichmann to round up as many Jews as possible for the gas chambers of Auschwitz. This is the backdrop for Raul Wallenberg's story.
Reviews: thegiver (Malaysia) (2008/06/26):
Skoglung (Amma: The Words of Amy Carmichael, Baker Bk. House, 1994) illuminates the life of Per Anger, the Swedish ambassador to Hungary and secret partner of Raoul Wallenberg in the liberation of Jews during the Holocaust. Skoglung traces Anger's life from his birth in Sweden in 1913 to his study of law to his career as a Swedish diplomat. During Anger's time as a diplomat in Budapest, Wallenberg was also designated a Swedish diplomat there. Together they helped many Jews by issuing illegal provisional passports and by using Swedish safe houses. Wallenberg even convinced a Nazi general to rescind the order to destroy a Jewish ghetto. After the war, Anger continued his diplomatic career. Skoglung has succeeded in writing an easy-to-follow biography of a Holocaust hero. Recommended for larger libraries.

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