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L. A. Kelly : Tahn: A Novel

Author: L. A. Kelly
Title: Tahn: A Novel
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Published in: English
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 336
Date: 2005-01-01
ISBN: 0800759990
Publisher: Revell
Weight: 0.65 pounds
Size: 6.02 x 8.48 x 0.85 inches
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Previous givers: 3 ankt (USA: IN), Amber (USA: OK), reblea235 (USA: OH)
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3Michelle Belle (USA: VA), Melissa (Canada), Alissandra (USA: NH).
Description: Product Description
In a dark, medieval land, good and evil battle it out. Trapped between his master's evil commands and his persistent conscience that tells him to do otherwise, Tahn Dorn finds himself in a twisting plot that threatens not only his life but also that of the lovely Netta. After kidnapping Netta from the comfort of her home and burning her castle to the ground, Tahn realizes he can't turn her over to Samis, his evil master, as was originally intended. But as Tahn launches a plan to outwit Samis, he realizes he must also face the evils within himself. Here, compelling characters deal with the real-life struggles of redemption and forgiveness. It's good versus evil in a way you've never experienced before. A note from the author: "I knew as I was writing Tahn that the story could not end until certain choices were made. Love or self-guarded preservation? Forgiveness or bitter hate? It is my hope that readers will think about such choices in their own lives. I hope they remember Tahn and see past the surface of the next person they meet. I hope they see a potential hero in every lost and wayward child and pray accordingly. Then Tahn and I will have done our jobs."
Reviews: Michelle Belle (USA: VA) (2009/10/09):
I owned this book before I let a friend borrow it (they never returned it by the way) and it is amazing and a light read to enjoy at anytime of the year

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