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Faithe Wempen : The Big Basics Book of Windows 95

Author: Faithe Wempen
Title: The Big Basics Book of Windows 95
Moochable copies: No copies available
Published in: English
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 594
Date: 1997-05
ISBN: 0789712229
Publisher: Que Pub
Weight: 2.07 pounds
Size: 8.43 x 10.71 x 1.5 inches
Edition: 2 Sub
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Description: Product Description
Fast answers, helpful hands-on examples, and 101 quick fixes are offered in this Big Basics book. This second edition adds coverage for surfing the Internet with Internet explorer, using the new IntelliMouse and other features available with Office 97, using Outlook with Exchange, and other necessary additions to address the Service Pack Updates. Review
If you can get over the initial hurdle of a book about Windows 95 that looks and feels exactly like a study guide for the SAT, you might just learn to love The Big Basics Book of Windows 95. It's strictly a beginner's Windows 95 title, meant to cover the basics, and provide some incentive for the new Windows 95 user to try out some features of the operating system that they might otherwise have ignored.

The presentation is very straightforward: step-by-step instructions that feature numbered steps and many detailed screen shots that show what Windows is showing. The book narrows in on some specific tasks--using the Windows Paint program, for example--and then goes into relatively extensive detail about how to use specific features of the applet, such as its magnify tool.

Again, the presentation is oriented at the true beginning user. An intermediate user, reasonably accustomed to Windows 95 in daily use, isn't likely to get much from this book. But the large number of illustrations and step-by-step instructions should appeal to the beginner who wants to see how various actions affect what's on the display.

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