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Debbie Macomber : 92 Pacific Boulevard

Author: Debbie Macomber
Title: 92 Pacific Boulevard
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Published in: English
Binding: Mass Market Paperback
Pages: 400
Date: 2009-08-25
ISBN: 0778326691
Publisher: Mira
Latest: 2015/03/04
Weight: 0.5 pounds
Size: 0.84 x 4.21 x 6.62 inches
Edition: Original
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Olivia Lockhart-Griffin
Cedar Cove, Washington

Dear Listener,

I'm sorry to say that our good sheriff, Troy Davis, has suffered a disappointment in love. He was hoping to marry his onetime girlfriend, Faith Beckwith, who recently moved back to town. Well, the latest is that Faith ended the relationship last month, even though both of them are widowed and available. According to Troy, there were a few misunderstandings between them—some inadvertently caused, it seems, by his daughter, Megan.

Troy's got plenty to keep him occupied, though—like the unidentified remains found in a cave outside town. And the break-ins at 204 Rosewood Lane, the house Faith just happens to be renting from Grace Harding….

All of that's a distraction from what's happening in my life. I'm going through chemo right now, and I'm so grateful for my husband, Jack, my family and my friends, who give me the strength and support I need to beat this. But beat it I will!

I'd suggest meeting at Troy's place, 92 Pacific Boulevard, so we can all talk, but the Pancake Palace is probably a better choice if you want a decent cup of coffee!


Reviews: Marianne (Australia) (2012/08/20):
92 Pacific Boulevard is the 9th full length novel in the Cedar Cove series by popular American author, Debbie Macomber. Fans will welcome another instalment in the lives of favourite Cedar Cove characters. Sheriff Troy Davis has a lot on his plate: Mayor Louie Benson is pressuring him to resolve the cold case of the bones found in the cave to ward off adverse publicity for the town and Faith Beckwith, the woman he had hoped to marry, refuses to have anything to do with him even though her rental house, Grace Harding’s old home, has been broken into and vandalised. Teri and Bobby Polgar are coming to terms with the expected addition to their family of triplets, but are mystified by the disappearance of Bobby’s friend and driver, James Wilbur. And with his disappearance, Teri’s sister Christie is certain she has once again fallen for the wrong man, but is determined to turn her life around this time. Rachel Peyton’s marriage to Bruce isn’t going as smoothly as she had hoped, with Bruce’s daughter Jolene feeling excluded. Will Jefferson discovers he is not irresistible to all women, and Mack McAfee takes action to get Mary Jo Wyse and her daughter Noelle to move to Cedar Cove, and Noelle’s father, David Rhodes, makes a surprising move. Macomber’s strength is characters and relationships and, as always, she introduces new characters and new relationships and lets the reader revisit old ones. She also touches on topics like stalking, Down syndrome, gambling, DUI, cancer and chemotherapy, and the importance of telling the truth. There is plenty of humour and a little heartache in this instalment, and three couples find novel reasons to get married. An enjoyable read that will whet fans’ appetites for 1022 Evergreen Place.

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