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Karen Kelley : The Falcon Prince

Author: Karen Kelley
Title: The Falcon Prince
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Published in: English
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 320
Date: 2010-08-01
ISBN: 075823838X
Publisher: Brava
Weight: 0.57 pounds
Size: 5.59 x 0.98 x 8.27 inches
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Description: Product Description
Rhianna Lancaster has always been 'different' - and not in that quirky, small-town Texas way. Nope, Ria's unique qualities are downright bizarre, which is why she tries to keep them to herself, thank you very much. So maybe she should be glad when, out for a run, she encounters a guy even weirder than she is - not to mention naked. What Ria learns from this 'Prince Kristor' person is that he's an alien sent to help her get in touch with her powers and rescue her from a mortally unfulfilling life here on earth. Good to know. Also good to know the local law enforcement, whom Ria calls after macing Good Prince Naked and running for her life. Problem is, she can't stop.
Reviews: Don (USA: NV) (2011/05/12):
Fun read - the hero [100% alien guy] wants to take the heroine [partially alien girl unaware of the alien part and ticked off by being referred to as an 'impure' because of her mixed heritage] back to his/their planet. For her own good of course, not just because he wants her and knows she's his lifemate. She's definitely not buying what he's selling, accept himself of course. I liked her trying to get him addicted to junk food so he'd stay...

Book 2 in the series, books can be read out of order. It's silly and charming and somewhat absurd...
Princes of Symtaria
1. The Jaguar Prince
2. The Falcon Prince
3. The Wolf Prince

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