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Kathy Lette : Dead Sexy

Author: Kathy Lette
Title: Dead Sexy
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Published in: English
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 352
Date: 2004-06-07
ISBN: 0743468759
Publisher: Pocket Books
Latest: 2014/08/19
Weight: 0.62 pounds
Size: 0.91 x 5.51 x 7.87 inches
Edition: New edition
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Description: Product Description
Kit Kincade, American, with diamond-studded ears and friends in low places, believes women are little more than a life support system to an ovary. Shelly Green, pinstripe-underpanted, cultured, classical guitarist, thinks optimism is an eye disease and hates all men.

Amazon Review
Kathy Lette's Dead Sexy is a dyspeptic account of the reality show from hell; music teacher Shelly is entered by her pupils for the computer date of a life-time--marriage, honeymoon and a large cash bonus if she and her husband make a go of it. The trouble is that every single thing the highly attractive Kit Kincade tells her is a complete lie--his mane of blond hair is a wig. Shipped off with him to a tropical island in the middle of civil war and natural disaster, and surrounded by television folk of an untrustworthiness which makes even Kit look savoury, Shelly is hopelessly confused, not least by her own feelings.

Tightly plotted and stuffed with witty one-liners, Dead Sexy is what we expect from Kathy Lette--a lightweight romp that is no stranger to deeper feelings. The complex lies the characters tell are not always entirely opposed to the inner truth of their emotions--there is a real distinction made here, at times a snobbish one, between those characters who lie out of habit and those who fib out of necessity. --Roz Kaveney

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