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Chris Ryan : Greed

Author: Chris Ryan
Title: Greed
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Published in: English
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 320
Date: 2003-11-06
ISBN: 0712619461
Publisher: Century
Weight: 0.97 pounds
Size: 0.81 x 6.0 x 9.25 inches
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Previous givers: 2 CrazyDiamond (United Kingdom), Ali (United Kingdom)
Previous moochers: 2 Sandy (United Kingdom), lisa (United Kingdom)
Description: Amazon Review
Pull on those camouflage fatigues, slip that knife into your boot, check your sidearm and get ready for another walk on the wild side with Chris Ryan. Greed is not particularly different from any other Chris Ryan thrillers you may have read, but that is precisely why his devoted army of followers devours each new book. Sharp plotting, flinty characterisation and (most of all) kinetically orchestrated action are par for the course with this author, and Greed delivers them all in spades.

Matt Browning has left the SAS, and life is not treating him well. For a start, he's up to his ears in debt, and if he doesn't pay the £500,000 he owes, he'll be dead. Then, out of the blue, he is given a lifeline: a carefully targeted hit on al-Qa'eda, with the full cooperation of MI5. Matt's job is to bring together a close-knit team of ex-SAS men to lift $10 million in gold and diamonds from the world's most lethal terrorist organisation. Along with MI5's clandestine assistance, there's another bonus--there will be no charges made. Needless to say, this isn't the perfect crime. The money is stolen, then the killing begins. A panther-like assassin is tracking down the team one by one, bloodily slaughtering both them and their families. Matt realises that he has to take the fight to the enemy if he himself isn't to join the dead.

We've read similar stuff before (even from Ryan), but why not another helping? Anyone who begins Greed on a train or a bus is more than likely to miss their stop, such is the unyielding grip that this latest Ryan novel instantly exerts. --Barry Forshaw

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