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Mary Higgins Clark : We'll Meet Again

Author: Mary Higgins Clark
Title: We'll Meet Again
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Published in: English
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 320
Date: 1999-04-26
ISBN: 0684835975
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Latest: 2015/03/13
Weight: 0.95 pounds
Size: 6.43 x 9.55 x 1.08 inches
Edition: First Edition
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Description: Product Description
In We'll Meet Again -- her 16th full-length novel -- Mary Higgins Clark returns with a story that proves once again that when it comes to thrilling readers, she is in a class by herself. The year they graduated from college, Julia and Frances, two lifelong friends, were caught up in a vicious crime. Julia was accused of murder and -- despite her protests of innocence (and her belief that Frances was the actual killer) -- she was convicted. She spends the next fifteen years in prison, while Frances, whom many believe actually committed the murder, lives as a virtual pariah among their families and mutual friends. A third woman, Lindsey, who had been friends of both Julia and Frances, has become a lawyer and works passionately to see Julia cleared of the crime and uncover the truth. When Julia is released at the age of 36 for time served, she is no longer the protected, pampered young woman who went behind bars. Now she is a mature and seasoned veteran of the prison system, and the first item on her agenda now that she is free is to settle the score with her former friend, Frances. In We'll Meet Again, Mary Higgins Clark is at her most suspenseful in a complex and thrilling tale that is sure to propel her once again to the top of bestseller charts all around the country. Review
We'll Meet Again is filled with the ingredients that Mary Higgins Clark devotees will devour: fast-paced suspense, double-crossing villains, romantic intrigue, and a resounding showdown at the end. Harder to swallow is the excessive use of theatricals whenever the author describes a satanic like HMO, and its legion of evil doctors. The darkest knight of all is Peter Black, whose eyes "were cold, angry, menacing--certainly not the eyes of a healer." Still, melodrama aside, Higgins Clark still knows how to spin a good yarn.

Her heroine in We'll Meet Again is an investigative reporter named Fran Simmons, who is not unlike the bright, resourceful Dr. Susan Chandler in You Belong to Me. Fran has just been hired to work on a popular new TV show called True Crime. Coincidentally, her very first assignment involves an ex-pupil from her old high school, the posh Cranden Academy in Greenwich, Connecticut. Molly Lasch had been incarcerated in her mid-20s, accused of pulverizing her husband's head with a Remington bronze sculpture. The murder of this community doctor, and chief executive officer of a local HMO, stunned Greenwich.

For half a decade Molly claimed to have no memory of the event, but now out on parole, slivers of memory trickle back--and Molly informs the press that someone else was in the house at the time of her husband's murder. Few people believe her--even less so when a key witness from the original trial is stabbed to death and evidence links Molly to the scene of the crime. It's up to the ever vigilant Fran to investigate what the police won't--and she unearths some very dark and extremely dirty secrets that will further shock the quiet community. --Naomi Gesinger

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