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Judith McNaught : Night Whispers

Author: Judith McNaught
Title: Night Whispers
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Published in: English
Binding: Mass Market Paperback
Pages: 464
Date: 1999-07-01
ISBN: 0671525743
Publisher: Pocket Books
Latest: 2014/12/20
Weight: 0.79 pounds
Size: 1.5 x 4.19 x 6.75 inches
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2vonnie (United Kingdom), kisah (USA: FL).
Description: Product Description
Nine New York Times bestsellers and more than twenty million books in print have affirmed Judith McNaught's stature as the reigning monarch of superb storytelling. Now, she creates breathtaking suspense and harrowing plot twists in her most masterful, enthralling novel yet.

A policewoman in a small Florida community, Sloan Reynolds knows that her modest upbringing was a long way from the social whirl of Palm Beach, the world inhabited by her father and her sister, Paris. Total strangers to Sloan, they have never tried to contact her -- until a sudden invitation arrives, to meet them and indulge in the Palm Beach social season.

A woman who values her investigative work more than a Dior dress, Sloan is unmoved by the long-overdue parental gesture. But when FBI agent Paul Richardson informs her that her father and his associates are suspected of fraud, conspiracy, and murder, Sloan agrees to enter into her father's life -- while hiding her true profession.

Sloan's on top of her game until she meets Noah Maitland, a multinational corporate player and one of the FBI's prime suspects -- and finds herself powerfully attracted to him, against her deepest instincts. When a shocking murder shatters the seductive facade of the wealth and glamour surrounding her, Sloan must maneuver through a maze of deceit and passion, to find someone to trust -- and to decipher the truth behind those terrifying whispers in the dark. Review
After 30 years, Sloan Reynolds is about to meet the father she never knew. Claiming that his ill health has led him to attempt reconciliation, Carter Reynolds invites Sloan to meet him and his other daughter, Paris, in the glamorous world of Palm Beach, Florida. With all the sense and courage that her job as a cop requires, Sloan refuses the invitation, convinced that nothing good could come from meeting her absentee father. But when FBI agent Paul Richardson intervenes and explains that Reynolds is under suspicion, she agrees to enter the world of the social elite in order to help investigate her father.

Prepared to hate Palm Beach and all its inhabitants, Sloan is surprised to find herself drawn towards Paris, her cranky great-grandmother, and Paris's neighbors, the Maitland family--particularly Noah Maitland. Noah has all the characteristics of Mr. Perfect, which is exactly what scares Sloan. How could someone so sophisticated, smart, and handsome be attracted to her?

But just as the two begin to explore their attraction, Sloan's hopes for her new family and friends crumble. Paul closes in on the dark truth about Carter Reynolds and his suspicions expand to include Noah. Soon, Sloan is an unwilling accomplice in the investigation against Noah, and when a horrible murder occurs, she just may be the next victim.

Bestselling author Judith McNaught has all the ingredients for a great romantic thriller in Night Whispers: the handsome and not-quite-aboveboard hero, the optimistic lady-cop, a handful of exotic and unreadable socialites, and all in all she delivers the goods. Even so, the fact that nearly everyone couples off at the end feels slightly trite, and the motivations of the true killer are somewhat unconvincing. Apart from these minor flaws, Night Whispers remains an entertaining and certainly worthwhile read. --Nancy R.E. O'Brien

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