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Robert W. Walker : Unnatural Instinct (Jessica Coran Novels)

Author: Robert W. Walker
Title: Unnatural Instinct (Jessica Coran Novels)
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Published in: English
Binding: Mass Market Paperback
Pages: 304
Date: 2003-09-30
ISBN: 0515135291
Publisher: Jove
Weight: 0.32 pounds
Size: 4.24 x 6.76 x 0.84 inches
Edition: 0
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Description: Product Description
Dr. Jessica Coran faces the most terrifying challenge of her career-when her professional adversary, a criminal court judge, is kidnapped by a deranged man with an unnatural instinct for revenge... Review
Like many Washington D.C. law enforcement professionals, medical examiner Jessica Coran has had plenty of run-ins with Judge Maureen DeCampe, who's a little too liberal for her liking. But when DeCampe is kidnapped and tortured in a scenario so horrible that a psychic colleague of Jessica's falls ill with a mysterious syndrome after she attempts to "sense" the victim's whereabouts, Coran races the clock to find and free DeCampe before her friend can sever the psychic connection with the judge's kidnapper. It doesn't take long for the FBI to finger the perp--the father of a criminal DeCampe sentenced to death--but by the time they track him to the abandoned farm where he's bound the judge to the decaying body of his recently executed son, it may be too late for Jessica to save her friend. Fans of Robert W. Walker's nine previous thrillers featuring the redoubtable Ms. Coran will be delighted to meet her again; despite his sometimes stiff and ponderous style, Walker succeeds at telling a good story with plenty of the gory details that have made forensic suspense an increasingly popular genre. --Jane Adams

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