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Jennifer Ashley : The Redeeming (Immortals)

Author: Jennifer Ashley
Title: The Redeeming (Immortals)
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Published in: English
Binding: Mass Market Paperback
Pages: 324
Date: 2008-09-01
ISBN: 0505527456
Publisher: Love Spell
Weight: 0.3 pounds
Size: 4.22 x 6.74 x 0.93 inches
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Description: Product Description
For centuries they have walked among us--vampires, shape-shifters, the Celtic Sidhe, demons, and other magical beings. Their battle to reign supreme is constant, but one force holds them in check, a race of powerful warriors known as the IMMORTALS

He is going to take her. And it won't be gentle. After all, the last 700 years of torture and captivity haven't been gentle on Tain. This woman, this half-demon who leaves him burning with desire, is pretty tough herself. She needs to be, for the world is not safe for demon-kind these days. A violent backlash has disrupted the balance of power, and now Tain finds he may have to rescue the dark ones instead of fight them. He feels compelled to protect the alluring Samantha--whether she wants him to or not--but all he can think of is seduction. Ultimately, she'll either destroy him or bring exactly what he needs most...THE REDEEMING
Reviews: Dawn (USA: NY) (2008/07/04):
This was really good and engrossing. Book 5 inthe series, this tells the story of the youngest and most tortured Immortal, Tain and his fight to stay sane and to find that he is worthy of love, especially from a half human/demon woman named Samantha who turns him on like no other has before.

This is the start of the final 4 books in the thrilling series and I am definitly waiting for the next one.

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