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J.R. Ward : Lover Enshrined: A Novel of The Black Dagger Brotherhood

Author: J.R. Ward
Title: Lover Enshrined: A Novel of The Black Dagger Brotherhood
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Published in: English
Binding: Mass Market Paperback
Pages: 560
Date: 2008-06-03
ISBN: 0451222725
Publisher: Signet
Weight: 0.55 pounds
Size: 1.2 x 4.3 x 6.72 inches
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In the shadows of the night in Caldwell, New York, there’s a deadly war raging between vampires and their slayers. And there exists a secret band of brothers like no other—six vampire warriors, defenders of their race. And now, a dutiful twin must choose between two lives...

Fiercely loyal to the Black Dagger Brotherhood, Phury has sacrificed himself for the good of the race, becoming the male responsible for keeping the Brotherhood's bloodlines alive. As Primale of the Chosen, he is to father the sons and daughters who will ensure that the traditions of the race survive and that there are warriors to fight those who want all vampires extinguished.

As his first mate, the Chosen Cormia wants to win not only his body but his heart for herself- she sees the emotionally scarred male behind all his noble responsibility. But while the war with the Lessening Society grows more grim, and tragedy looms over the Brotherhood's mansion, Phury must decide between duty and love.

Reviews: Tara (USA: MO) (2008/11/28):

As Primale of the Chosen, the fiercely loyal Phury has sacrificed himself for the good of his race. But his first mate, the Chosen Cormia, wants not only his body but his heart for herself. As tragedy looms over the Brotherhood’s mansion, Phury must decide between duty and love…

Marissa (USA: TX) (2009/08/30):
i love all of J.R Ward's books, she is a great writer i cant wait for John's book...this book is one of my least fav. it was kinda long. but i personally dont like phury, so it could be just me.

Marianne (Australia) (2012/12/23):
Lover Enshrined is the sixth book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R.Ward and concentrates on the story of Phury and Cormia, but also expands the reader’s knowledge of Rehvenge, Lash, Blay, Qhuinn, John Matthew and the Omega. Having agreed to be the Primale, Phury takes Cormia from the all-white Sanctuary to the Brotherhood’s mansion. Once there, he procrastinates on doing his duty with Cormia, mostly from a sense of unworthiness of the task. Added to this, his torture of lessers and his drug addiction continue. Elsewhere, the Omega has a new secret weapon to unleash on the Vampires, with devastating results for the glymera; Bella is still pregnant; Qhuinn loses control in a violent manner and Wrath solves the resultant problem in a very creative way; Blay admits his feelings for a certain vampire; John Matthew confronts his fears and makes an impression on a female; the actions of Rehv’s blackmailer threaten his health; Phury and Z resolve some issues and, after five months of whereabouts unknown, Tohr is found. While Phury is not an easy-to-like hero (I kept wishing he’d get over his issues, shut that irritating wizard up and get on with it), I liked how Cormia’s character developed. Ward keeps the interest by adding new concepts: a tangible ghost in the last book, a fallen angel in this one, plus the interesting sympath features. Phury’s ultimate relationship with the Chosen was a cute twist. I look forward to Lover Avenged. Warning: this series may be habit-forming.

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