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Jeffery Deaver : The Bone Collector (A Lincoln Rhyme Novel)

Author: Jeffery Deaver
Title: The Bone Collector (A Lincoln Rhyme Novel)
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Published in: English
Binding: Mass Market Paperback
Pages: 528
Date: 1998-04-01
ISBN: 0451188454
Publisher: Signet
Latest: 2015/03/18
Weight: 0.55 pounds
Size: 1.13 x 4.52 x 7.58 inches
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Description: Product Description
In his most gripping thriller yet, Jeffery Deaver takes readers on a terrifying ride into two ingenious minds...that of a physically challenged detective and the scheming killer he must stop. The detective was the former head of forensics at the NYPD, but is now a quadriplegic who can only exercise his mind. The killer is a man whose obsession with old New York helps him choose his next victim. Now, with the help of a beautiful young cop, this diabolical killer must be stopped before he can kill again! Review
The hero of Jeffery Deaver's thriller The Bone Collector is Lincoln Rhyme, a forensic scientist known to his peers as "the world's foremost criminalist." Rhyme will need all his reason--and his considerable stock of high-tech tools--about him to solve this latest brain-twister: a serial killer with method to his madness. In tried and true thriller fashion, the killer's crimes are described in lurid detail, as is the astounding technological equipment with which Rhyme examines the evidence--everything from an energy-dispersive x-ray unit to a mass spectrometer.

Every fictional detective has his or her gimmick, from Sherlock Holmes's violin to Nero Wolf's orchids, and Rhyme is no exception. He is a quadriplegic who can move nothing but a single finger. Gadget-philes will be in seventh heaven reading about Lincoln Rhyme's tools; other readers might feel the book could do with a few more plausible characters and a little less technology.

Reviews: smoke_099 (USA: OH) (2009/04/30):
This is one of the best Jeffery Deaver books in circulation. It is captivating and riveting. If you like the movie you will love the book. After reading this book, I no longer like the movie (it was always one of my favorites).

BookwormedReviews (United Kingdom) (2010/06/14):
This book was a disaster as far as I was concerned. I have watched the film and loved it however the book did not hold my attention and at times I found myself struggling to get into it. I was tempted not to finish it.

The book centres around one character who during an accident breaks his back causing him to be paralysed Lincoln Rhymes. He spends his time teaching a rookie cop the CSI techniques to help solve his case. Whether it is because of all the CSI information which was too in depth and too much or the fact most of the action centred around one room I found this book boring. I had to force myself to finish it.

Remember this is just my opinion and other people of forums love the book it just wasn't for me

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