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Stella Cameron : The Wish Club

Author: Stella Cameron
Title: The Wish Club
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Published in: English
Binding: Mass Market Paperback
Pages: 432
Date: 1998-06-01
ISBN: 0446604313
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Latest: 2013/05/29
Weight: 0.44 pounds
Size: 104.5 x x 169.25 centimeters
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1Minna (Finland).
Description: Product Description
Adopted into a wealthy family, Max Rossmara is expected to live up to the high standards of Scottish nobility and wed Lady Hermoine. Unfortunately, Max is in love with Kirsty Mercer, daughter of one of the tenants on the Rossmara estate. Review
Bestselling romance author Stella Cameron completes her Rossmara series with The Wish Club. Life for Max Rossmara has not been easy. Living on the streets of London and picking pockets to fund his meager existence has taught Max little of kindness or love. But when Viscount Hunsgore adopts Max, life for the doomed little boy destined for a workhouse changes forever. At Castle Kirkcaldy Max finds everything he could ever want: family security, vast lands to roam, and the friendship of a lifetime with Kirsty Mercer, a tenant farmer's daughter. The two young children form the Wish club, and their one wish is to be together forever. But the demands of Max's family beckon time and again, and over the years the two have precious little time together. Now 22, Max returns to Castle Kirkcaldy. Ever aware of the societal pressures that would damn a relationship between a tenant farmer's daughter and a viscount's son, Max knows that his love for Kirsty can never be fully realized. Thinking that just to be near her would be enough, Max appoints Kirsty as his assistant. But her daily presence in the castle only increases Max's desire, and soon the two cannot deny their feelings for eachother. Is Max and Kirsty's love strong enough to withstand the severe consequences that are sure to follow, or will their love be lost? A beautiful historical from one of the romance world's favorite authors, The Wish Club is sure to have Cameron fans longing for their own Wish club.

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