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Stephen Colbert : I Am America (And So Can You!)

Author: Stephen Colbert
Title: I Am America (And So Can You!)
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Published in: English
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 240
Date: 2007-10-09
ISBN: 0446580503
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Weight: 1.55 pounds
Size: 1.0 x 7.25 x 9.5 inches
Edition: 1
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Description: Product Description
Congratulations--just by looking at this webpage, you became 25% more patriotic.

From Stephen Colbert, the host of television's highest-rated punditry show The Colbert Report, comes the book to fill the other 23¿ hours of your day. I Am America (And So Can You!) contains all of the opinions that Stephen doesn't have time to shoehorn into his nightly broadcast.

Dictated directly into a microcassette recorder over a three-day weekend, this book contains Stephen's most deeply held knee-jerk beliefs on The American Family, Race, Religion, Sex, Sports, and many more topics, conveniently arranged in chapter form.

Always controversial and outspoken, Stephen addresses why Hollywood is destroying America by inches, why evolution is a fraud, and why the elderly should be harnessed to millstones.

You may not agree with everything Stephen says, but at the very least, you'll understand that your differing opinion is wrong.

I Am America (And So Can You!) showcases Stephen Colbert at his most eloquent and impassioned. He is an unrelenting fighter for the soul of America, and in this book he fights the good fight for the traditional values that have served this country so well for so long.

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Reviews: Alan Pierce (USA: IA) (2007/12/14):
Just got done reading it. It was hilarious.

Lothlorien (USA: CA) (2008/07/10):
I was in a bookstore, became curious, and read a few pages. Some people were looking over after I failed to stifle a couple of snorts. I found it very funny.

LaurelC (USA: OH) (2009/05/28):
Let's just say that I'm already laughing just from reading the front and back of the dustjacket...

It MUST be a good book if it's been awarded 'THE STEPHEN T. COLBERT AWARD FOR THE LITERARY EXCELLENCE' as indicated on the front cover, right??

vikitty (Canada) (2009/08/02):
To be honest, Colbert's schtick has gotten old and irritating. It works well in small doses on The Colbert Report but an entire book? No. Even though he's in "character" I still want to smack him.

jackfest08 (USA: FL) (2011/03/04):
Only problem is that the cover has thin cracks in it.

large book cover