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Charlaine Harris : Dead as a Doornail (Southern Vampire Mysteries, Book 5)

Author: Charlaine Harris
Title: Dead as a Doornail (Southern Vampire Mysteries, Book 5)
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Published in: English
Binding: Mass Market Paperback
Pages: 320
Date: 2006-04-25
ISBN: 0441013333
Publisher: Ace
Latest: 2015/03/21
Weight: 0.4 pounds
Size: 0.88 x 4.25 x 6.88 inches
Edition: later printing
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Description: Product Description
Small-town cocktail waitress Sookie Stackhouse has had more than her share of experience with the supernatural—but now it’s really hitting close to home. When Sookie sees her brother Jason’s eyes start to change, she knows he’s about to turn into a were-panther for the first time—a transformation he embraces more readily than most shapeshifters she knows. But her concern becomes cold fear when a sniper sets his deadly sights on the local changeling population, and Jason’s new panther brethren suspect he may be the shooter. Now, Sookie has until the next full moon to find out who’s behind the attacks—unless the killer decides to find her first…
Reviews: mb (USA: MI) (2009/11/04):
Yet another fun/silly/racy novel in the Sookie Stackhouse series. How's that for alliteration. If you dig vampire/paranormal romance or mystery, here are a collection of books you can really sink your teeth into (pun intended).

blklacquer (USA: TX) (2011/01/14):
The only thing I don't like about this series so far is the fact that she repeats a lot of stuff from every book. I don't think I needed to be reminded about how the kitchen is set up at Merlotte's so much. It's a waste. Because of this I don't think you have to read every book in order you can pretty much just pick one and'll catch you up :(

Joby (Canada) (2011/01/25):
Another reviewer mentioned that Harris repeats details in every book. This is done so that you don't have to start the series at the beginning. A person can pick up any book and not feel lost while reading it.

With this said, I think Harris gets lost herself and forgets what she writes and her editor isn't catching it. In this book Sookie gives directions to two other characters to her house when just the paragraph before, one of those characters says that she had just been to Sookie's house. It's isn't the first mistake like this in the Sookie novels, but I sure hope it's the last.

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