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John Sandford : Certain Prey

Author: John Sandford
Title: Certain Prey
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Published in: English
Binding: Mass Market Paperback
Pages: 368
Date: 2000-03-01
ISBN: 0425174271
Publisher: Berkley
Latest: 2015/03/23
Weight: 0.02 pounds
Size: 4.2 x 7.4 x 1.0 inches
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2Kim (USA: OH), TJ Cardino (USA: ND).
Description: Product Description
When a wealthy socialite is murdered, the brilliant killer sets her sights on the one man who can solve the case--Lucas Davenport. Review
In the 10th installment of his popular Prey series, John Sandford (a.k.a. John Camp) pits his popular antihero, Lucas Davenport, against a pair of cunning killers unlike any he has encountered before.

Attorney Carmel Loan is preternaturally beautiful, intelligent, and ambitious. When she becomes infatuated with fellow barrister Hale Allen, she isn't going to let a little thing like his being married get in her way. A quick meeting with an ex-client sets up the hit on Hale's wife, Barbara. The professional killer, Clara Rinker, is one of the best in the business. Smart, attractive, with a gentle Southern drawl, no one would suspect her of being a top Mafia hit man... er, hit person. When she takes the Allen assignment, she figures it will be easy money for a day's work. But things go wrong from the beginning. Loan's ex-client made a tape of the meeting, and is shaking her down for money. Worse, the shooting of a witness--a cop--brings deputy inspector Lucas Davenport into the case. Somehow Davenport has not only linked Loan to the killing, but seems to have a lead on Rinker as well. Carmel and Clara team up to clean up the loose ends, which includes getting Davenport off their back by whatever means necessary.

Like all of Sandford's books, Certain Prey is a fast and furious ride. Fans of previous Prey books will find Davenport a little older, a little more wary, but no less sharp-witted and determined. Though parts of the plot may stretch the limits of credulity and the dialogue falls a little flat in places, this is still a wonderfully crafted thriller, possibly one of the best of 1999. Certain Prey cements Sandford's standing among such luminaries as James Lee Burke, Lawrence Block, and Thomas Harris. --Perry Atterberry

Reviews: pearshaker (Australia) (2008/01/10):
I really enjoyed this book. It was surprisingly well written.

Back Cover Summary:
Clara Rinka is a Southern woman, trim, pleasant, attractive - and the bets hitwoman in the business. She isn't showy, not one of those movie killers; she just goes about her business collects her money and goes home.
It's when she's hired for a job in Minnesota that things become complicated for er. A defense attorney wants a rival eliminated, and that's fine. But then a witness survives, the attorney starts acting weird, the big cop Davenport gets on her case, and loose ends begin popping up faster than a sweater unraveling. Claa hates loose ends, and she nly knows on way of dealing with tem; you start cutting them off, one after the other, until they're all gone.

Ann Gibson (USA: TX) (2008/03/15):
This is book 10 of the famous Prey series. I've enjoyed everyone of them, but I do think they're more enjoyable if you read them in order so you can follow the progression of the primary character's lives. I got the list of them in order from

Fred S. (USA: PA) (2009/04/02):
One of the most brilliant and lethal adversaries Davenport has ever encountered.

Jean L (USA: KS) (2010/11/10):
Difficult to believe but the Prey series gets better with each book. I am reading them in the sequence in which they were written. I'm now beginning book #11 Easy Prey and don't intend to quit there.
They are just so good!

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