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John Sandford : Mind Prey

Author: John Sandford
Title: Mind Prey
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Published in: English
Binding: Mass Market Paperback
Pages: 448
Date: 1996-05-01
ISBN: 0425152898
Publisher: Berkley
Latest: 2014/11/01
Weight: 0.45 pounds
Size: 0.98 x 4.42 x 7.56 inches
Edition: English Language
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1Sandy (USA: IL).
Description: Product Description
"Grip-you-by-the-throat thrills." Houston Chronicle

Davenport matches wits and wills with an obsessed kidnapper whose victims are edging ever closer to a fate worse than any nightmare... Review
John Sandford's acclaimed Prey novels featuring the brilliant Lucas Davenport have plunged millions of readers into the darkest recesses of the criminal mind. Now Lucas has met his match. His newest nemesis is more intelligent, more deadly, than any he has tracked before: a kidnapper, a violator, and a cruel, wanton killer who knows more about mind games than Lucas himself.

Reviews: Kellie (USA: NC) (2007/05/19):
-#7 of the Davenport Series-This wasn’t bad. It was a bit too violent. I am glad the ending was semi-happy. This thriller had good suspense. Although, I think Sandford has Davenport high on a pedestal. He always seems to ride the fine line of police work. He solves the crime, gets the bad guy but his tactics are somewhat shady. Not in a bad way. But most crime stories I have read, the cops are always scrutinized and put under a lot of pressure to get the bad guy but in an unreasonable amount of time. And while they are pursuing the lawbreaker, they must follow police procedure to the T. Not Davenport. He has a lot of power in his roll. He finally asks Weather to marry him. He was working up the nerve thru the whole book. But the last page…exposes his fear.

Fred S. (USA: PA) (2009/07/13):
A Thriller Through And Through!

Jean L (USA: KS) (2010/10/25):
I loved this book as I have all of the Lucas Davenport series. This is an extra exciting one. In this one, Davenport has meet a more intelligent, deadly nemesis than any he has tracked before, a pure, wanton killer who knows more about mind games than Lucas himself.

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