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Bill Moyers : Healing and the Mind

Author: Bill Moyers
Title: Healing and the Mind
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Published in: English
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 370
Date: 1995-03-01
ISBN: 0385476876
Publisher: Main Street Books
Latest: 2012/06/05
Weight: 1.05 pounds
Size: 7.76 x 1.2 x 9.25 inches
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Description: Product Description
At last, the paperback edition of the monumental  best-seller (almost half a million copies in  print!) that has changed the way Americans think about  sickness and health -- the companion volume to the  landmark PBS series of the same name. In a  remarkably short period of time, Bill Moyers's  Healing And The Mind has become a  touchstone, shaping the debate over alternative medical  treatments and the role of the mind in illness and  recovery in a way that few books have in recent  memory. With almost half a million copies in print,  it is already a classic -- the most widely read  and influential book of its kind. In a series of  fascinating interviews with world-renowned experts  and laypeople alike, Bill Moyers explores the new  mind/body medicine. Healing And The  Mind shows how it is being practiced in the  treatment of stress, chronic disease, and neonatal  problems in several American hospitals; examines the  chemical basis of emotions, and their potential  for making us sick (and making us well); explores  the fusion of traditional Chinese medicine with  modern Western practices in contemporary China; and  takes an up-close, personal look at alternative  healing therapies, including a Massachusetts center  that combines Eastern meditation and Western group  therapy, and a California retreat for cancer  patients who help each other even when a cure is  impossible. Combining the incisive yet personal interview  approach that made A World Of Ideas  a feast for the mind and the provocative interplay  of text and art that made The Power Of  Myth a feast for the imagination,  Healing And The Mind is a landmark work.
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