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Stephen J. Sansweet : Star Wars Encyclopedia

Author: Stephen J. Sansweet
Title: Star Wars Encyclopedia
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Published in: English
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 354
Date: 1998-06-30
ISBN: 0345402278
Publisher: Ballantine
Weight: 3.79 pounds
Size: 9.09 x 1.32 x 11.34 inches
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Description: Product Description
Its vast history and environs have been explored, studied, and chronicled extensively for more than twenty years. Now, this landmark volume--a definitive reference devoted exclusively to the Star Wars milieu--draws together data from films, radio dramas, novels, short stories, computer games, and more, running the full gamut of this extraordinary galaxy.

From science and technology to history and geography; from culture and biography to ecology and cosmology; from "abo" and "Abrax" to "zwil" and "Zirtran's Anchor," this all-encompassing, fully illustrated, alphabetical reference covers all the elements which have developed and expanded the Star Wars universe, creating a rich and diverse history that spans millennia. Its scope ranges from the renowned and infamous ("Luke Skywalker," "Darth Vader") to the obscure and enigmatic ("Tnun Bdu"); from the history of the Sith Wars to the Galactic Civil War that pit the Rebel Alliance against the Empire. It introduces us to the natives and customs of planets as diverse as Tatooine and Dagobah, and even to the secrets and beliefs of the Jedi Knights.

As a bonus for the intensive researcher, this massive reference includes the complete timeline of major events in Star Wars history.

Every key element that exists in the world of Star Wars is supplied here--in clearly defined entries that have been researched and written by one of the leading authorities on the Star Wars universe. Review
Since 1977, the Star Wars universe, conceived by George Lucas, has been explored by authors and artists eager to build on the foundation laid by the blockbuster movies. The Star Wars Encyclopedia is the essential guide to every detail of the history, planets, vehicles, politics, aliens, and weapons described in countless books, comics, stories, and (of course) movies. You'll find extraordinary details about old favorites here--for instance, did you know that Luke Skywalker helped rescue Han and Leia's children from the dark side of the Force? Or that the primary food of Jawas is the hubba gourd? Endless hours of browsing pleasure await you, from A-1 Deluxe Floater (a luxury air speeder) to ZZ-4Z (Han Solo's housekeeping droid). Each item is cross-referenced to the book, movie, or comic in which it appears, but fans looking for "real-life" information about the Star Wars phenomenon won't find it here--this is strictly a resource for those who want to keep track of how all the stories and characters fit together, the clothes they wear, the foods they eat, and the planets they call home. --Therese Littleton

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