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Robert Husted : Server-Side JavaScript(TM): Developing Integrated Web Applications

Author: Robert Husted
Title: Server-Side JavaScript(TM): Developing Integrated Web Applications
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Published in: English
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 316
Date: 1999-05
ISBN: 020143329X
Publisher: Addison-Wesley (C)
Weight: 1.4 pounds
Size: 7.75 x 1.0 x 9.5 inches
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Description: Product Description
Netscape's Server-Side JavaScript (SSJS) is an extended version of JavaScript(TM). It is included with Netscape Web servers and supports back-end access to databases, file systems, and servers. SSJS offers Web developers a fast and efficient way to develop dynamic, interactive applications that can be accessed through a Web server, and features better performance than applications developed with CGI. Written by two of the most respected authorities on Web server technology, Server-Side JavaScript provides all the information you need to begin developing integrated applications for the Web. This book includes a detailed tutorial to SSJS containing real-world code, examples, tips, and tricks from the authors' projects. It features a comprehensive presentation of the structure, commands, and syntax of the language and includes a comparison of client-side and server-side JavaScript. This book will help you master key server-side techniques such as state and session management and database and file system access. It contains a wealth of material not found in any other SSJS book.Accurate, timely, and grounded in the realities of enterprise development, Server-Side JavaScript demonstrates how to put SSJS to work, citing numerous examples that solve programming challenges. In addition, it provides instructions and examples for integrating Server-Side JavaScript with other popular technologies, including CGI, LDAP, relational databases, and Java. You will find detailed explanations on such topics as: *Working with databases *Accessing LDAP Directories *Uploading files to the server *Using the SSJS database API objects and connection pools *Integrating SSJS with Java *Managing state and sessions, including SuperClient *Using JavaScript with HTML forms *Sending HTML e-mail messages with MIME attachments The CD-ROM includes sample SSJS applications for all the examples in the book, a wealth of online DevEdge reference materials, LDAP and Messaging SDKs, an evaluation copy of NetObjects ScriptBuilder, and more. 020143329XB04062001 Review
This brief 316-page guide, authored by two technology gurus intimately familiar with Netscape servers, covers the essentials of server-side JavaScript (SSJS)--the flavor of the scripting language that enables sophisticated Web applications on Netscape servers. Organized in a simple, topical manner, Server-Side JavaScript: Developing Integrated Web Applications is a quick read for developers with previous scripting experience.

In the opening chapters, the authors discuss the three-tier server architecture, the client and server versions of JavaScript, and how SSJS fits into the Netscape architecture and its companion technology, LiveWire. They present a sample SSJS application early in the book to give the reader a taste of how the language works in a real-world environment. In succeeding chapters, the book illustrates how to manage state, forms, and databases using SSJS--with a very generous collection of sample code. Local file I/O and interfacing with external Java applications through LiveConnect are also presented in a straightforward "here's how you do it" style.

The excellent mail facilities of SSJS are addressed in their own chapter with plenty of examples. Advanced topics such as interfacing with the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and Netscape Application Servers are covered as well, though existing knowledge in those areas is helpful. A companion CD-ROM contains the source code, plus reference material to round out this practical guide for Webmasters. --Stephen Plain

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