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Sue Townsend : Number Ten

Author: Sue Townsend
Title: Number Ten
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Published in: English
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 336
Date: 2003-09-11
ISBN: 0140279415
Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
Latest: 2014/01/17
Weight: 0.53 pounds
Size: 0.79 x 5.08 x 7.8 inches
Edition: New Ed
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2Ysabel (EspaƱa), ndarow (Indonesia).
Description: Product Description
Prime Minister Edward Clare and his wife Adele Floret-Clare live at Number 10 Downing Street. PC Jack Sprat is the policeman who stands outside on the door. Five years ago, Edward Clare was voted into Number 10 after a landslide election result. But now, things are starting to go wrong. The love has gone. The people are turning. In short, it's a very real problem. Edward worries about this. All he wants is for the people of Clare's Britain to like him, and for them to be happy. He enlists the help of Jack Sprat and together they travel round the country incognito, ending up at Jack's childhood home. His mother Norma lives in Leicester, and her address is Number 10 too, but that's where the similarity ends...
Reviews: John Alwyine-Mosely (United Kingdom) (2007/04/05):
Number Ten, a very enjoyable book, 19 Feb 2005
Reviewer: Jason Key
I had never read and enjoyed a book before this one, I thought books were boring and a waste of time. This book has totally overturned my view. The basic storyline is that the prime minister of England believes he has lost touch with the general public. He has recently received a lot of criticism from journalists, the paper and the average person. His wife with her very Controversial personality has also been in the paper with her very notorious comments, e.g. 'moles should be buried in a ceremony because they were part of a human's body.' the prime minister decides that he and a policeman he got to due to the policeman's shifts on the door of number ten. They take a one-week trip around Britain, in disguise, to find the views of the average brit. He turns out dreading the thought of going back to number ten and queries whether to quit his role of the leader of Britain. You can find out whether he quits or not by reading the book.

Craig (United Kingdom) (2011/04/14):
An amusing tale of a Prime Minister undercover.

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