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Melissa Marr : Wicked Lovely: Desert Tales, Volume 1: Sanctuary

Author: Melissa Marr
Title: Wicked Lovely: Desert Tales, Volume 1: Sanctuary
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Published in: English
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 176
Date: 2009-04-21
ISBN: 0061493546
Publisher: HarperCollins
Weight: 0.35 pounds
Size: 4.92 x 0.57 x 7.13 inches
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Discover Melissa Marr's mesmerizing world of Faerie . . .

The desert is far away from the schemes of the Faerie Courts—and that's how Rika likes it. Once a mortal and now a faery, Rika seeks isolation and revels in her ability to appear invisible to humans. Then, she meets him. Artistic and kind, Jayce is the last person Rika wants to hide from.

But change is coming, challenging Rika's freedom and her new romance, as her past pursues her, even into the heart of the desert. . . .

Reviews: Lavenderagate (USA: PA) (2010/04/27):
Rika, a faerie who used to be human, likes life in solitude away from the faerie world. She finds herself attracted to a human named Jayce. But as Jayce gets pulled into Rika's life, the faerie world comes knocking.

This is the manga version of Wicked Lovely. I wasn't thrilled with this version. I felt like I was dropped in the middle of the story, and sometimes the art work confused me. I wasn't clear who was who and what sex they were. I had to reread the first couple of pages a couple of times. I don't know if I missed pieces of the story since I did not read original novel, but I don't think I will read the second in the manga series. I may try reading the book the original series comes from.

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