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Dean Edell : Eat, Drink, & Be Merry: America's Doctor Tells You Why the Health Experts Are Wrong

Author: Dean Edell
Title: Eat, Drink, & Be Merry: America's Doctor Tells You Why the Health Experts Are Wrong
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Published in: English
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 368
Date: 2000-05-16
ISBN: 0061096970
Publisher: Harper Perennial
Latest: 2012/07/29
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Size: 5.24 x 0.91 x 7.91 inches
Edition: 1
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Description: Product Description

No wonder. How often have you felt whipsawed by the experts, confused by conflicting advice, or torn with guilt over what you eat, drink, think? Prepare yourself for a shock: You can relax, enjoy life, and still be healthy.

Renowned for candid straight talk on radio and television, Dr. Dean Edell applies his unique common-sense perspective to America's growing obsession with health. Frank and iconoclastic, Dr. Edell walks readers through a lifetime of experience from deep inside twin worlds of media and medicine. As one of the first media doctors, he knows better than anyone the dangers of distorted medical reporting. With colorful detail, he shows how medical consumers are made neurotic at a time when people are healthier than ever before. Dr. Edell sorts through the morass of research, distinguishing documentable fact from panic-inducing fiction. With trademark humor, grace, and style, he shares with us the essential reassuring facts about our health: you can be fatter than you think; too much exercise might kill you; and yes, sex will add years to your life!

Did You Know That...

  • People who crave ice chips may have a nutritional deficiency?
  • Saturated fat may reduce the risk of stroke?
  • Dementia appears to be less common among those who eat more fish?
  • You can lose weight by fidgeting, chewing on a pencil, or drinking coffee?
  • Sex can cure headaches?
  • Playing an instrument is not only good for your mental health, it burns 160 calories an hour? Review
Whether you buy one health book a year or dozens, this book may well zoom to the top of your list. Fans of America's favorite radio doctor will delight in picking up the latest health facts delivered in Edell's typically irreverent and witty style. Go to the head of the class or become the hit of the party when you retell Dr. Dean Edell's stories of inaccurate media frenzies or dispense facts that challenge society's assumptions about overweight people, or even, gulp, the value of exercise for longevity. You'll also learn Edell's story of his journey from disillusioned medical student to hippie dropout to respected and entertaining media MD.

"One day you are told that eating rutabaga is the true path to everlasting health, and the next day you hear that rutabaga will rot your brain." Edell teaches you how to sort out information such as this. Want to lose weight? Follow the "Dr. Dean Shut Your Mouth Diet": Eat what you want, but less of it. Hate treadmills? Garden or walk in the park. Besides amassing scientifically supported facts about all varieties of health topics, Edell's book has a serious mission--to teach you to demand proof before you swallow a health fad, put yourself on a trendy diet, take your illness to the nearest alternative guru, or get spooked by media-induced or Internet-spread health scares.

Edell's main theme, as the title implies, is to enjoy life and not let the health cops control all your lifestyle choices--especially when they're usually wrong. --Joan Price

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