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Tony Hillerman : Skeleton Man

Author: Tony Hillerman
Title: Skeleton Man
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Published in: English
Binding: Mass Market Paperback
Pages: 368
Date: 2006-01-31
ISBN: 006056346X
Publisher: HarperTorch
Weight: 0.4 pounds
Size: 5.0 x 1.03 x 6.5 inches
Edition: Mass Paperback Edition
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Description: Product Description
This book comes from a "New York Times" Bestselling author. Certain that the simpleminded kid nailed for a robbery is innocent, Former Navajo Tribal Police Lieutenant, Joe Leaphorn, comes out of retirement to try to prove the wrongly accused boy's innocence. To do that he needs to find the remains of one of the 172 people, whose bodies were scattered among the cliffs of the Grand Canyon in an epic airline disaster fifty years in the past. But Joe Leaphorn isn't the only person hoping to unearth the secrets of the Skeleton Man... Review
Joe Leaphorn, former Navajo tribal police lieutenant, is not a happy retiree. So when his successor asks him to look into how a young Hopi named Billy Tuve came by a valuable diamond the boy tried to pawn for a fraction of its worth, Joe finds himself involved in a five decade old mystery. It dates back to a plane crash in the Grand Canyon, one that took the life of a man whose putative daughter also has an interest in the diamond; it could lead her to her father's remains, from which she hopes to extract enough DNA to establish her birthright. For good measure, Hillerman adds a couple of villains determined to beat her to the site of the crash, a cache of other diamonds long since given up for lost in the Canyon's watery depths, and a Hopi ritual that's kept the site secret for years. It's a good yarn, well but twice told; Hillerman sets it up in a chronologically confusing opening chapter, in which Joe spins the story for a couple of former law-enforcement colleagues--not just to entertain or enlighten them but to demonstrate what he calls his "Navajo belief in universal connections. The cause leads to inevitable effect. The entire cosmos being an infinitely complicated machine all working together."

Hillerman is a name-brand writer with a huge and well deserved following. His evocation of the landscape of the Southwest is as compelling as it ever was, and many familiar characters from the other 18 novels in this prize-winning series appear here, notably Sergeant Jim Chee and border patrol officer Bernie Manuelito, the woman Chee hopes to marry. Joe Leaphorn remains his most fully-realized protagonist; his perspective on life, destiny, and the sometimes uneasy truce between Native Americans and whites gives this series a unique place in the genre. But as evidenced by his latest, Hillerman's hero needs more than a retired duffer's memories to keep him vital and alive, even for his most dedicated fans. --Jane Adams

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