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re: Wishlist griping

I am in total agreement with Gail and others here regarding "inventory quality" and wishlists. If you can get what you want for nothing but the cost of postage, fantastic. If you can't, go buy it off Amazon or similar. John even makes it ridiculously easy for you to do so straight off your wishlist.

I think of Bookmooch a bit like a garage/yard sale - the sellers will have a bunch of stuff they have to offer, if it's what you want then lucky you, you get something you wanted cheaper than you'd normally get it. If what you want is not there, you go to a different sale or buy it new or find some other avenue to get it. And 99% of yard sale sellers aren't going to be selling off their brand new Xbox 360, because they still want to use it. So you're not going to find one at a yard sale, even though you really want one.

In either scenario - BookMooch, Yard Sale - it is absolutely not the obligation of the other party to specifically provide exactly what you're looking for. They provide what they don't want anymore. If you want it, you get it, if you don't want it you don't get it. If you don't get what you want, you accept that this isn't the forum for the item you want at this point in time, and if you need it right now you try a different place. There's no altruism on either side of the system, and quite rightly so - it's a transaction between two interested parties whose interests happen to coincide in the scenario of that one specific transaction.

As for BookMooch dying in less than 3 years, one last use of the yard sale analogy - my grandparents went to yard sales, as did my parents. I go to yard sales. My kids probably will too. For every person who heads off to the yard sale for the Xbox, there are dozens more who go for old furniture, collectibles and dolls' clothes. To each their own.

4 years ago