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Danita Rogers : forum comments they have written

Book condition : Does it give you pause when someone asks for a book - only if it is in perfect condition?

re: front cover

I recently received a book that was in acceptable shape as per the senders notes, a little tattered...but when I opened the sealed package it was full of at least 4 different sizes of cockroaches and eggs.

I hesitantly gave the point but I'm not sure I will keep the book. I immediately sealed it in plastic and put it outside after killing the bugs. I'm now trying to decide whether to keep it or trash it. It is a hardcover book and I think there are eggs in the binding. I don't want to have to buy bug spray to kill them, it's probably easier just to pitch the book.

Is it acceptable to put in your notes to 'please not to accept my book requests if you have cockroaches'?

Danita Rogers
3 years ago