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Cara : forum comments they have written

Missed Connections...for Books! : Can you remember the storyline of a book, but cant remember the name? Post here!

re: really long shot...

Mary Motley Kalergis : Seen and Heard: Teenagers Talk About Their Lives

10 months, 26 days ago
re: white slaves?

Ann Rinaldi : My Name Is America: The Journal Of Jasper Jonathan Pierce, A Pilgrim Boy (My Name Is America) maybe? Or look at the Amazon page for this one and see if there are any similar titles.

2 years ago
re: A Regency...sort of

Robin, it's Kasey Michaels : Maggie by the Book I've got most of this series in my TBR, thinking I'd read them and pass them on to my sister eventually as she enjoys Regency romances and has watched the BBC Pride and Prejudice a million times.

4 years ago