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re: Problems with BookMooch notifications?

I'm not getting e-mails either, I switched to using gmail a year or so ago, because my other e-mail wasn't working for getting bookmooch e-mails. Haven't gotten any bounce notices regarding notices I've sent.

12 months, 3 days ago
re: What's the standard etiquette if a book is returned to sender?

I had this happen recently as a receiver, the Postal Service returned the book with "Wrong Address" written on it, even though the correct address was written on the package. I'm guessing that the postal worker put the package in the wrong box and it went back instead of being put in the correct box.

Sender contacted me and I offered to send her an extra point for the books but she went ahead and re-sent to me without anything exta. Books arrived safely a few days later.

I've had very few problems considering the number of packages I've sent and received....unfortunately some of my lost packages had more than one item in them, but percentage wise, things are good :)

Communication is key.

3 years ago
re: Sending to other countries

I can usually fit 4 paperbacks in the Priority Mail envelope, 6 if they're skinny. A single book via 1st Class is done via weight if the package goes over 8 oz (a lot of books are around 7 oz + an envelope) costs over $9 to send to Europe, it's much cheaper per book to send a bunch at once.

That being said, I don't put any restrictions on my international moochers (except for excluding an occasionally super heavy book) and I decide on each one which is the most cost efficient way to send.

Another factor in using the Priority Mail envelope is that I can use their envelope, print the postage at home (including customs form) and drop off at the Post Office without waiting in line and 1st Class you have to provide the envelope, hand write the customs form and stand in line to pay for the postage at the Post Office. If it's close in price, I'd just as so pay the extra dollar or so and use the Priority Mail.

I think some of the requests for asking about international sending don't get through, I asked about 2 books from someone and they only responded to one request, so I had to resend the other one. (Most of the mail I receive from BookMooch is identified as SPAM from my IP)

4 years ago