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martin berkeley (Israel) : member bio

Name: martin berkeley (Israel)
Userid: yelekreb

Inventory: 149
Points: 57.3
Mooched/given: 863/679
Pending mooch/give: 4/4
Mooch ratio: 1.28:1

Wishlist: 317
Feedback: +680
Smooches: 14
Charitable gifts: 40
Charity received: 12
Friends: 13
Cancelled requests: 47
Books receiving lost: 11
Books sending lost: 15
Rejected requests: 12

Will send: worldwide
Joined: 2010/06/17
Last here: 24 days ago
Country: Israel

Books in inventory: 149

Status message:
My use of BM has declined significantly over the past year. Mainly due to personal preoccupations but also because a book that I really want to read rarely turns up on my wishlist with a member who is actually prepared "to go the whole mooch" and send it to me. So please be prepared, that is if you mooch from me, for the possibility of a delay in sending to you.
I will describe the condition of the book in simple words and without a grading system.
If the book is in a language other than English it will be clearly indicated.
Books will be sent in re-used bubble-wrap envelopes and be well sealed.
I will send within a week or two by surface mail.
And send anywhere. As well as to those who do not send from outside their own country (I've gotten to know some fine folks that way and there can be a valid reason for not sending to me. Anyway I still get the points). Also, those who cannot get from me directly because there is no reciprocal postal agreement between our countries, can still get the book they want via a third party country that does have postal connection to both our nations.
I will happily angel all but heavy books.

Recent postal rises in the U.S. and the U.K. have even more deterred BM members from sending internationally! This is very frustrating for such English readers like myself who live in a relatively small country, as those U.S. and U.K. BM members hold a disproportionally large percentage of the books found on BM. But the site would increase in usefulness and "internationality" if more US and UK members, were willing to send. But I have found that often U.S. and U.K. members are not aware of the least pricey way of sending from their respective countries: A multiple mooch from the U.S. with The International Padded Flat Rate Envelope of up to 20lbs.,will cost $38. A surface parcel from the U.K. also with a number of books, Surface Mail Small Packets, up to 2 kg., costs GBP 14.61). That means that, if a multiple mooch is possible, it will bring the average cost of sending books down appreciably.It is also worth pointing out that I still receive single books (even small hardbacks) that are sent from the US at under $10 postage and from the UK for less than GBP 10! So it is worth really making the effort to check out with your respective postal service what is the cheapest rate of posting. I hope that this information is helpful.

I have a few thousand books and all over the place so please bear with me when, very occasionally, I can't put my hand on the volume you've requested!
I have found it pointless (pun intended) to accumulate a lot of points. Why? Because the existence of such a virtual and precarious electronic "currency" isn't actual money and can be gone in a flash by becoming "frozen"; being entirely dependent on the wisdom and whims of BM's owner and the BM administrators.
If there were a way of converting points into real purchasing power for those books that BM can almost never provide it might be worth the risk of accumulating many points. But there is no such scheme.
In short, surplus points are a bad investment.
Consequently my inventory is rather static and will be renewed incrementally. I entirely reject the criticism that it is full of books that are not going to be wanted. The test of time shows that even after sitting for a couple of years a request can come in and someone is really grateful to get the said book.
So, advice to newbies:
A modest inventory with a slow turnover and try not to have more than about 20 points at any one time. Remember: points are a true reflection of what you've had to shell out in postage costs!
Most of the books I really want to read do not come up on BM so I have to get them via the secondhand internet book-market which is, of course (and unfortunately) dominated by the monopolistic Amazon (with all the dire consequences that monopolies bring) and those traders it has bought out.
I am so very grateful to those who Angel books for me. The price hikes in postage make it more difficult all round and not the least for them.

Aging reader with a lot of books who is always getting more.
I stocked an attic with children's books so that the grandchildren+ can escape and read.
BM was a great source for this. And I still keep an eye out for the unusual book that will intrigue the young at heart.

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angel_requests_2010_may, angels_needed_or_offered, bookmooch_blog, international_shipping.