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Tweedledum (United Kingdom) : member bio

Name: Tweedledum (United Kingdom) (on vacation)
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Joined: 2012/05/06
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Country: United Kingdom

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Status message:
Cost of postage abroad has gone up. I don't feel I can justify paying min of £5.00 to send a second hand book abroad when the moocher could probably get it cheaper on Amazon. Ask first, if the book s genuinely hard to get I may be happy to send.

I am a bibliophilic SEN teacher.

As a teacher I have always had a tendency to collect random stuff in case it might come in useful so some of my books fall into this category. : Random Acquisition Not Actually Read or RANAR

But many more have been read and treasured and require a good home.

Like others I find it hard to part with books and love the opportunity to know they will go to someone who really wants them . Non smoker in a non smoking household,. I have a cat but he and his forebears (or should it be forecats? ) have never shown any desire to get close to them. (Although we did once have a rabbit who developed a partiality for the spines of books on the bottom shelf. )

I have a dog too. Is that significant in the bookmooch world. ?
My dog does not read books or otherwise show any interest in them. (Although she does appear to think she is human in other ways. )

Currently into an obsession with collecting and reading books published by Faber and Faber. I guess this is partly because I love the serendipitous aspect of this as well as the fact that Faber publish a lot of poetry and books on music and musicians. (poetry and music also passions.)
However being given:The Faber book of Faber covers ( check it out....)
definitely spurred me on

If anyone out there is interested I offer the following facts.

Faber were the first publishing house to publish Lawrence Durrell, Alison Uttley, William Golding, Siegfried Sassoon , Ted Hughes and lots of other significant authors. They celebrated 80 years of publishing a few years ago . TS Elliott was the editor for years. Also of course parent company to Faber Music. They now publish a lot of promising new authors from around the world and you will find Orhan Pamuk, for example rubbing shoulders with Paul Auster and Peter Carey. Not to mention our beloved Alan Bennett. . I find almost without exception that the fiction is of a very high quality and the non fiction fascinating and well researched. She Wolves by Helen Castor for example was another Faber coup. Great website, also offer courses for budding authors. The " and Faber" does not refer to anyone it just seemed to roll off the tongue better and made a great colophon .

I wonder if this will send any bookmoochers rushing to their book shelves to take a closer look.

By the way the book I paid most for is a book which has been out of print for very many+ years but which we had when i was a child. I discovered that CS Lewis once cited it as a book which influenced Narnia. ( letters to Walter Hooper )

I finally tracked down a copy in a SH bookshop in Carlisle.

Anyone care to make a guess?

It's author did not reveal his name but published as Q

His pseudonym was Roland Quiz

Real name

Roland Quittenden

Ok I'll put anyone who's read this far out of their misery.

The book is called Giantland by Q

Hey perhaps I can instigate a republication. I think I can guarantee you wont find this on a kindle anytime soon..

Anyone who has read THIS far will also realise I love writing and am indulging THAT passion right here on my book mooch page.

My husband is also a serious reader who has worked his way through nearly all of Churchill's history and related works over the course of our marriage but has recently graduated to Dumas, Fennimore Cooper, Kipling, James Joyce and then spun off completely randomly into JG Ballard. He is nothing if not thorough.

I on the other hand have devoured books eagerly in a magpieish and eclectic way so that my bookshelves often feel like a patchwork quilt of ideas and experiences overlaying and interweaving .
Just finished reading
The hunger games and catching fire
The mystery of Edwin Drood
The light between oceans
The Life and death of St Kilda

currently reading:
Margaret Rutherford : Dreadnaught with Manners
The Help
The Tulip
Rosalind Franklin dark lady of DNA

Oh dear I listed these three below last year and see not finished yet!
Dave Gorman versus the world: Dave Gorman
The Strangest Man : Farmelo
Inception and Philosophy

All time favourite book/author
Lord of the Rings: Tolkien

I discovered " Goodreads " this year. What a great site, posted lots of reviews there and joined the "all about books " group.

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a_book_search_among_friends, bookmooch_blog, recommended, the_bookclub_for_bookworms_on_bookmooch.

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bookmooch_blog, recommended.