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E Thayer (USA: IN) : member bio

Name: E Thayer (USA: IN)
Userid: thayerbooks

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Mooched/given: 1988/1955
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Mooch ratio: 1.03:1

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Feedback: +1928
Smooches: 27
Charitable gifts: 113
Charity received: 48
Cancelled requests: 179
Books receiving lost: 74
Books sending lost: 34
Rejected requests: 181

Will send: ask if not to my country
Joined: 2007/03/31
Last here: 23 days ago
Country: United States

Books in inventory: 0

Home page:

Some of my books are ex-library. I try to include condition notes, but if you don't see any, expect the book to have some wear and tear.
To the severely allergic: We have one cat and one dog. No one here smokes, but my books do come from all sorts of sources.

I have additional inventory on LibraryThing on my "for sale or trade" shelf (146 books as of this posting.)

and about 40 titles on Yardseller:

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descriptive terms booksellers use:

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Last ten books added to my inventory:

Trade your books at
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FAQs I get:
Q: Where did you get all those books? Your inventory is the largest that I've seen since I've joined not too long ago.
Do you have any tips on finding books worth swapping? I've tried some yard sales, but all of the books were in terrible condition.

A: I'm a book dealer. When I started out, I did check places like yard sales, but I've sort of grown out of that, in terms of the quantities I deal with. Try library book sales and join Don't make too many judgements on books before you try to swap them. People have all sorts of ideas about what is swappable and what's not... be honest about the condition, edition, etc., and you'll have plenty of moochers in no time.

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