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Christine Sanborn (USA: TN) : member bio

Name: Christine Sanborn (USA: TN)
Userid: sibble

Inventory: 70
Points: 94.4
Mooched/given: 1001/786
Pending mooch/give: 3/2
Mooch ratio: 1.13:1

Wishlist: 257
Feedback: +783
Smooches: 31
Charity received: 3
Friends: 1
Cancelled requests: 140
Books receiving lost: 16
Books sending lost: 11
Rejected requests: 19

Will send: ask if not to my country
Joined: 2009/06/13
Last here: 6 days ago
Country: United States

Books in inventory: 70

Status message:
The last couple of requests I have had from out of the country have been a shock - if the package is 4# the price is $30 to Canada! I am still sending softback books anywhere, but heavier books are just too costly. I am very sorry. I have sent a few of the pricier books to people in the US who can deliver the book to a foreign country. Anyway I am sorry to have to cut back.

I am using this site to get books for our library. We are a small rural school in Tennessee and have a small amount of money to spend. Thanks for helping some really nice children and their