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crimson-tide (Australia) : member bio

Name: crimson-tide (Australia)
Userid: scarecrow204

Inventory: 39
Points: 20
Mooched/given: 700/390
Pending mooch/give: 2/1
Mooch ratio: 1.47:1

Wishlist: 611
Feedback: +390
Smooches: 50
Charitable gifts: 3
Charity received: 12
Friends: 21
Cancelled requests: 36
Books receiving lost: 6
Books sending lost: 1

Will send: ask if not to my country
Joined: 2006/08/31
Last here: 9 days ago
Country: Australia

Books in inventory: 39

Status message:
I do not list any books that I would not have on my own shelf. All have detailed condition notes where appropriate. Very occasionally I'll list a book in less than good condition if I note that it is on a number of wish lists.

Feel free to email and ask for more information about any book. I can scan the cover and email the image if you wish.
I can usually send books within a day or two of your mooch.
I use recycled packaging materials wherever possible.

I live in a non-smoking, animal free house. However as I obtain most of my books second hand, I can't vouch for where they've been prior to reaching me.

International Moochers
I'm usually happy to send most books internationally - but due to postage category changes and costs I will probably ask for a second mooch unless the book is small enough to go large letter rate. The second mooch can be from my inventory, or from elsewhere in Australia and I'll angel mooch it for you. Small (thin and or light) books will go airmail and others by surface mail (which usually takes three or four months), so you may need to be patient. Just ask first and I'll let you know.

Australian Moochers
If the book you are requesting weighs more than 500g (packaged), then please mooch at least two books. Otherwise the postage cost will force me to refuse your request. I shall attempt to note any such books in their condition notes, but hey . . . sometimes we all forget things!

Card carrying book addict. Also on LibraryThing and BookCrossing - all as crimson-tide.

I am a member of the BM angel network.
However I still reserve the right to refuse requests for heavy books.

Info about Angels and how to use them

If you are requesting an angel mooch, please could you include your name, user ID and the name of the book with the link, to avoid any possible errors in the transaction.

I will often request a second mooch, either from me or a second angel mooch, as otherwise the postage cost is prohibitive.

I may unfortunately need to refuse requests to send to countries in SE Asia (unless the book is thin and light) as we no longer have a surface mail option to those countries.

Countries my books have travelled to after leaving me:

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angel_requests_2010_may, bookmooch_blog.

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angel_requests_2010_may, bookmooch_blog.