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AAdam (USA) : member bio

Name: AAdam (USA) (on vacation)
Userid: runor

Inventory: 0
Points: 484.1
Mooched/given: 303/565
Pending mooch/give: 5/10
Mooch ratio: 0.68:1

Wishlist: 378
Feedback: +554
Smooches: 4
Charitable gifts: 2
Charity received: 2
Friends: 17
Cancelled requests: 18
Books receiving lost: 6
Books sending lost: 4
Rejected requests: 7

Will send: ask if not to my country
Joined: 2006/10/26
Last here: 309 days ago
(possibly inactive)
Country: United States

Books in inventory: 0

Status message:
Please halt request until May 1, 2010.

I have busted my kneecap in an accident and cannot currently walk w/o crutches. I ma having repair surgery on December 10th, But will not be back to functioning speed for sic to ten weeks after that.

Anyone who has an order pending, please feel free to cancel if you do not feel like waiting. I would put my account on vacation, but I am afriad that current moochers would not be able to see this explanation. And I just do not have the energy now to email everybody.



Mellow greetings my fellow BookMoochers.

I am currently under a massive workload and likely will remain so for the next year or so. Also, many of my Mass market paperbacks are of inferior quality, other books may have highlighting or underlining that is not noted. So, before you mooch from me, may I helpfully suggest that you do the following:
1. If the book you seek is available from a fellow BookMoocher, you should mooch from them first.
2. If the book is not available from anyone else at BookMooch, please consider purchasing the book at Purchases there will furnish a 5% benefit accruing to BookMooch that can be used to upkeep the site. It’s a splendid way to contribute to the future of BookMooch!
3. Consider borrowing the book from your local library. Also, keep in mind that through Interlibrary Loan, almost any book is available. There is only a nominal charge.
4. You can also check for the lowest price of over 200 sites at:
5. As a 5th alternative, you may check out other swap sites to see if the desired book is listed there.

If I remain as a source of last resort, I’ll be delighted to help you.
However, I ask you to keep in mind the following:
I am extremely busy and sometimes may not be able to respond to your email for a month or more.
So, please be kind and do not complain.
I employ the following procedures:
1. When I get an email for a request, I pull the book and place in into a stack to be prepared for mailing.
2. Should I not be able to find the book requested or if there is any problem with your request, I will then email you informing you of the problem or situation as soon as I have time.
3. If there is not a problem, I do nothing until I post out the stack of books.
4. In order not to waste fuel and harm the planet, I always try to wait until at least five books are in the stack before I pollute the atmosphere by going to the post office.
NOTE: You can do your part for the environment by checking to see if there is a 2nd (or more) books that I can send along with your request. It takes very little additional packing supplies or materials to send additional books. I’ll always try to add a little bonus to multiple orders, but sometimes I do not; so no promises on this.
5. After posting, I will try to email you notification that the book(s) is/are sent.
6. I send out all books with delivery confirmation. This has proven most effective in eliminating lost books.
If this is not to your liking, please be so kind as to refrain from ordering from me. I do the best I can within my time restraints. But if you are of a demanding nature; you should not order from me as I probably will not be able to meet your desires, particularly as to time.

Happy mooching.

If I have ordered a book from anyone overseas, I will reciprocate to that person by shipping them any and all requests they have.