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Rhonda (USA: MS) : member bio

Name: Rhonda (USA: MS)
Userid: rlj1005

Inventory: 458
Points: 142.5
Mooched/given: 6188/4999
Pending mooch/give: 9/8
Mooch ratio: 1.19:1

Wishlist: 231
Feedback: +4999
Smooches: 159
Charitable gifts: 22
Charity received: 136
Friends: 41
Cancelled requests: 563
Books receiving lost: 77
Books sending lost: 53
Rejected requests: 99

Will send: only to my country
Joined: 2007/01/27
Last here: 5 hours ago
Country: United States

Books in inventory: 458

Status message:
Just letting you all know update with Jack! He is doing wonderful on his Peritoneal Dialysis. I did not realized until today that I had not changed my message. He has really surprised everyone on how well he is doing. I know it is due to all the prayers everyone has been praying for him. We do appreciate all of them! We now have to go twice a month for lab or clinic but he is doing wonderful! So mooch if you want one of my books!! thanks again!!!!

My sister, Teresa, has been put on disability and sometimes I get her books. If I ask you to send them to her she always lets me know the same day that they come in and I will click on them as being recieved! thanks for helping me make her day a little brighter!! If possible she reads more than I do!!! lol

Due to money issues I am changing from sending books out of the county for awhile when things pick up I will change back to sending out of country again. Thanks for understanding.

I am married to my best friend, Jack and we have 2 young adults(Jaclyn and Andrew) or at least that what they call themselves we just call them ours. We also have Lil Bit, our dog, which we still call a puppy after 12 years now. I have just realized that I should let everyone aware that I have a little dog, so my books haven't been next to her but she does walk by them sometimes if anyone has a problem with their allergies please beaware of this. Finally got her picture and to let it be a reminder that we do have a dog!

I really have met some wonderful friends on Bookmooch! Thanks for making my reading habit so affordable! I have been so happy that all the books that I recieve are so good condition and hopefully my books that you mooch are making you very happy too. Thanks for mooching my books!!!