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Ramsay Wood (United Kingdom) : member bio

Name: Ramsay Wood (United Kingdom)
Userid: ramzwud
(I give a little)

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Joined: 2006/08/14
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Country: United Kingdom

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19aug06: My security check name today for saving this to my profile page is 'gibbon' which reminds me of his quote:
'Solitude is the school of genius.' I'm not listening to his advice tonight, however, as there's a friend's picnic to go to on Hampstead Heath. We're hoping it won't rain as Ann's a great cook.

26aug06: Well it did rain, off and on, so after messing about playing boules in the damp for an hour or so, we went inside and had our picnic there. Yuummm! Thanks Ann!

28Sept07: 13 months later and settling in for winter again. Wouldn't it be nice (well, sorta) to be a bear and just sleep it off till Spring? Wake up all rested, SKINNIER and ready to pack into a gianormous breakfast! Except I wouldn't want to have to hunt for it, just emerge humanoid again -- and go to the shops for some nice salmon tartar, toast, coffee and other diligent fixings.

30September08: Well I had a great breakfast today, celebrating one of the slowest blogs I know: the one you're reading. I always was deemed a bit of a backward child. There were some Portobellissmo mushrooms in the fridge, so I simmered them in butter, fresh black pepper and tamari, 2 slices of multi-grain toast and a three egg omelet. Oh, did I perk up after this morning's gym class -- mostly a bunch of baby-boomer retards trying to retread themselves, you know: get a grip. Later in the day a friend send me this inspiring link about global crunches of the past, just so we don't take ourselves so all-fire serious:

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