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Steph (Australia) : member bio

Name: Steph (Australia)
Userid: normandie_m

Inventory: 36
Points: 529.5
Mooched/given: 137/347
Pending mooch/give: 1/5
Mooch ratio: 0.40:1

Wishlist: 41
Feedback: +347
Smooches: 20
Charitable gifts: 11
Charity received: 4
Friends: 7
Cancelled requests: 9
Books sending lost: 3

Will send: worldwide
Joined: 2011/04/20
Last here: 2 hours ago
Country: Australia

Books in inventory: 36

Status message:
I've recently been inspired by a fellow moocher who makes a point of reserving her books for moochers who have them wishlisted. In the interest of giving these moochers a chance before they're otherwise nabbed, if the books I add are on someone's wishlist, I will reserve them.

The majority of the books listed here are in good condition and they come to you from a mould and smoke-free environment (but not pet-free). Some books are second-hand copies I've bought elsewhere, and I can't guarantee where they might have been before. Any flaws in the books will be listed under conditions.

All Australian mooches will be sent via regular mail; international mooches are sent via air mail. I have regular access to a post office, so I'll do my best to get mooches sent out as quickly as possible (usually within a week of accepting). Please be aware that I do recycle packaging, so your book may come in an Amazon or Book Depository sleeve/envelope.

Qualified librarian who works in information management. I worked in bookselling for 6 years and love reading. I like passing on books I've read, either because I've enjoyed reading them or because someone might enjoy reading them more than me. :)

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