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David&Jen (USA: NJ) : member bio

Name: David&Jen (USA: NJ)
Userid: mrandmrsdavid

Inventory: 45
Points: 2
Mooched/given: 483/388
Pending mooch/give: 12/1
Mooch ratio: 1.25:1

Wishlist: 2423
Feedback: +384
Smooches: 7
Charity received: 4
Friends: 5
Cancelled requests: 51
Books receiving lost: 14
Books sending lost: 9
Rejected requests: 2

Will send: ask if not to my country
Joined: 2009/08/20
Last here: 13 days ago
Country: United States

Books in inventory: 45

Status message:

We mail mooches about once a week. If you mooch two or more, we are more motivated to make the trip the next day. :)

Our home is smoke-free and cat-free. We rescued a greyhound, which is a very low allergenic dog. Books are not stored near the dog, and he can't read. ;)

I have been collecting books to mooch out from family and students' parents. If it's not from my home originally, it's noted in the condition. Because of my allergies, however, I *Do* vacuum and/or wipe down donated books, as they are being kept in my home, so even if they had been in a smoking, dusty or pet-home, they will be sent to you in as clean and decent shape as possible. I throw out any donations with obvious water damage.

We originally started mooching to clear out books we had already read, but we seem to have mooched as many was we've sent out! We need a bookmooch intervention! He likes WWI, aviation and Churchill-related books, she like biography, gardening, sailing, Early Childhood, Literacy-related, and nautical tales.
She is quite allergic to mold and cats.
He has been reading more as SHE is a graduate student and not terribly interesting company at the moment!

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