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Mira (Germany) : member bio

Name: Mira (Germany) (on vacation)
Userid: mol

Inventory: 0
Points: 41
Mooched/given: 3/19
Pending mooch/give: 0/0
Mooch ratio: 0.17:1

Wishlist: 41
Feedback: +19
Charitable gifts: 3
Friends: 1

Will send: ask if not to my country
Joined: 2009/02/07
Last here: 1745 days ago
(possibly inactive)
Country: Germany

Books in inventory: 0

Status message:
I will send books anywhere in Europe.
I am also willing to send books worldwide but please ask me first, as it will depend on my current financial status. (If you are willing to wait, you'll most likely get your book from me, regardless where you live.)
I'm a non-smoker and unfortunately I don't own any pets, so as far as I haven't gotten the book(s) in question used myself, at least that shouldn't be a problem for people with allergies.
I'd prefer to mail books internationally to people who also post books internationally. It's more fair that way.