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Mary (Canada) : member bio

Name: Mary (Canada) (on vacation)
Userid: mlui

Inventory: 0
Points: -3.9
Mooched/given: 60/34
Pending mooch/give: 6/2
Mooch ratio: 2.09:1

Wishlist: 937
Feedback: +32
Charity received: 4
Friends: 1
Cancelled requests: 6
Books receiving lost: 6
Books sending lost: 5
Rejected requests: 3

Will send: ask if not to my country
Joined: 2008/11/27
Last here: 2072 days ago
(possibly inactive)
Country: Canada

Books in inventory: 0

Status message:
NEXT SHIPMENT DATE: June 26, 2009 (unless you've previously received an email stating otherwise).

Update as of 02/27/09: If you email me, please put "BookMooch" in the subject heading. Otherwise, I might accidentally delete your email and assume it as SPAM. Thanks.

Update as of 02/22/09: I may take up to 2 weeks to respond to your requests. I'm extremely busy with midterms, tests, and essays for the next 30 days. So, if you've sent in a request, I WILL respond to it (I know BookMooch only reserves it for 7 days, but I will re-reserve it for you if it happens to expire). If 2 weeks has passed or if you need it urgently, just send me an email with the title of the book and I'll look into it. Thanks! =)

Update as of 01/23/09: If the book is too heavy (esp. if it's hardcover), I probably can't send it abroad, as I'm on a tight budget for the next few months. The post office has just raised their rates as well.

I live in a non-smoking environment and have no pets.

I adhere this grading guideline:

All international requests (excluding USA) are sent through surface mail (4 to 6 weeks). I will only send through air mail if the item is under 2 cm in height and 199 g in weight (4 to 7 business days). If the book is over 2 cm in height and 200 g in weight, please mooch at least 2 books. I will most likely not ship hardcovers overseas.

Books to the USA are sent through air mail if it is light enough, under 2 cm and 200 g (4 to 6 business days). If the book is over 2 cm in height and 200 g in weight, please mooch at least 2 books and I will use surface mail (6 to 12 business days).

Unfortunately, I will not send books to Canada unless the item is less than 2 cm in height and weighs under 500 g. Canada Post's shipping rates are extremely high for Canada. They used to have small packets for shipping within Canada but now they don't; so, if the book is over 2 cm in height and over 500 g, I will only reconsider if you mooch at least 2 books.

Note: Delivery estimates are from

Feel free to ask though! Also, I reuse packaging and envelopes.

NEW for December 2008: For USA & INTERNATIONAL mooches: I will give back 1 point for anyone who mooches more than one children's books that has less than 32 pages. These are most likely activity, colouring, picture, and sticker/tattoo books.

Cheers and Happy Mooching!

Some of my books are from the school or public library that has been discarded. Others are previously owned and there are a few that are near new. As of December 2008, there are a lot of books that are conditioned as "Mint", "New", and "Never read". Please review the "Conditions" as I've detailed it all out there including any marks, creases, tears, differences in pages and editions, or none at all. I adhere this grading guideline:

I rarely say no to any requests. The only thing that I might ask is that you mooch an additional book to economize on shipping.

Cheers and Happy Mooching!