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Michelle (Netherlands) : member bio

Name: Michelle (Netherlands) (on vacation)
Userid: michelle1009

Inventory: 0
Points: 184
Mooched/given: 912/731
Pending mooch/give: 0/0
Mooch ratio: 1.29:1

Wishlist: 135
Feedback: +734
Smooches: 52
Charitable gifts: 42
Charity received: 15
Friends: 22
Cancelled requests: 20
Books receiving lost: 18
Books sending lost: 7
Rejected requests: 15

Will send: worldwide
Joined: 2008/02/28
Last here: 480 days ago
(possibly inactive)
Country: Netherlands

Books in inventory: 0

Status message:
25 December 11 - I want to apologize to the people who have mooched in the last month. Due to health problems and work I did not make it to the post office recently but will be going the first week in January. Happy holidays to everyone!!!!

14 April 11 - First I want to thank everyone who is still willing to send overseas. I would like to give an extra thank you to Deidre who recently allowed me to mooch so many books she had to ship them in a box, to Nicole who recently sent me several priority envelopes of books, Barbara (she knows what she has done) and Jade who even though she is not a bookmooch angel in the past year she mooch several books on my wishlist for me and had to use 2 nice size boxes to ship them all. I love you all for this.

I realize that postage is going up all over and that is why so many people won't send overseas anymore. I understand & over the past few months I have bought several books online via (if anyone knows if bookmooch can get a portion from them like in the States please let me know since my emails to bookmooch admins went unanswered). I also think with the change in the points to mooch international (from 2 to 3) alot of people won't mooch internationally anymore. For this reason I plan over the next couple of days to list all of the books I have bought on bookmooch so people can still mooch them at the lower point rate. Please keep in mind that 95% of them still need to be read (but I read an average of 4 books a week & always have at least 2 going along with 1 on my ereader). For this reason if you want to mooch them there can be a delay of up to 2 months to ship them but regardless they WILL be sent to anyone who mooches them.

Have a great day!!!

I have always loved to read since I was little usually keeping them to reread later on down the road. Before I left the US 6 years ago I gave away all of my books thinking that I could replace them over here not realizing that I could not just go into any store and find the books I wanted when I wanted. The reason being that bookstores here usually only carry a small selection of english books (plus all books, not just english ones are very expensive here) plus the home we live in is half the size of our old house in the states so I do not have the room for all the bookcases I would need for my books. My husband has told me it is time that I start to get rid of some of them especially ones I will not read again and I thought that this would be a good way to give them to others who might appreciate them.

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