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ArdenMel (USA: OH) : member bio

Name: ArdenMel (USA: OH)
Userid: maprovencher
(I give a little)

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Points: 0.2
Mooched/given: 42/34
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Mooch ratio: 1.26:1

Wishlist: 70
Feedback: +34
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Rejected requests: 2

Will send: ask if not to my country
Joined: 2008/11/13
Last here: 397 days ago
(possibly inactive)
Country: United States

Books in inventory: 0

Status message:
Unless otherwise indicated, these books are in good (but not necessarily great) condition. Nearly all were used when I got them, so although no one in my home smokes, I can not be sure about previous owners, or even where the books have been. I do have dogs, and the housemates upstairs have cats, so if you are worried about pet dander, best to mooch elsewhere. I am happy to send books internationally, despite the high cost. Because of a tight/limited budget, however, I may have to delay international shipping to one per a week or so. Having spent part of my adult life overseas, I DO understand how hard it is to get affordable books in the English language and I'm happy to help my fellow English readers as best I can.

I teach part-time as an English instructor and work full-time as an administrative assistant. Most of the books I'm offering on Bookmooch came into my possession when I bought bookshelves from a family that owned a used book store that went out of business. The deal was, I could buy the awesome bookshelves, but I had to take all the books (thousands!), too. My housemates and I will probably be sorting books for years to come.